Founded in 2010, The Property Company has over 20 years’ experience in the Dubai premium real estate market. By combining our intimate, insider’s knowledge of the area with our renowned culture of service excellence, we are best able to serve the needs of our hand-picked clientele.

Our goal is to acquire the perfect home or investment property for our elite, exclusive associates. While entry pricing into this niche Dubai market begins in the $500k + range, our savvy clientele knows that these properties are well worth the initial investment.

Successful Outcomes with The Property Company

Our Team Uses Locally Based Property Buying Agents
Between our specially-trained buying agents and our local, insider driven leads, The Property Company guarantees that we’ll be able to find the perfect home or investment property for any of our clients.

Our Team Uses Available Resources Wisely
The Property Company, through our global partners, offers a variety of financial intermediaries, private banker access, property and other consulting services, risk analysis and due diligence on developers and developments, and cyclic analysis of established market trends in order to offer a detailed, thorough analysis of every home or investment property purchase.
By combining all of this expertise with our extraordinary customer service, we can guarantee successful outcomes for every home or investment property purchase.

Exclusive Sales

Attention to Detail
Each of our clients have a specific need; by meeting together, we’ll assess your needs, aims, and objectives. We’ll provide the advice and guidance you need to make wise decisions when it comes to location, current property values, and ideas to maximize your budget.

Real Time Research
We value our hand-selected clients and their time. By using our network and real-time analysis, we’re able to save our clients’ valuable time, effort, and money. We are able to effectively filter out the only perfect on paper properties and present properties that meet actual needs and desires.

Efficiently Thorough
With our expertise and network, we’re able to cut time off of your search without cutting corners. Our area expertise and networking also gives us access to information on upcoming sales. We’re often able to close a sale before the property is even advertised on the open market.

Facilitating the Entire Process
From start to finish, The Property Company assists its exclusive clientele the whole way. We provide key consulting, negotiating prowess to ensure best terms and pricing, and reliable local legal resources to complete the process.

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